Resident Information

At IPM all our residents are our number one priority and focus. Whether you are a resident at one of our “Communities of Excellence” or one of our future residences, our goal is to provide you with exceptionally high-level customer service.

Simplicity and Convenience: simply click on the relevant sections below for any of your residential needs.

Fairgrove and Shady Acres

Office Contact Information

Office Number: 336-280-0505

Regional Manager: Collin Twombly –

Fairgrove and Shady Acres Community Manager: Jewell Conard @

Local Contact Information (Schools, Government, Utilities)

Local Utilities

Power – Duke Energy – 1-800-777-9898
Phone – AT&T – 1-866-878-6332
Cable and Internet Company – Spectrum – 1-800-202-7413
Trash Services – Waste Management – 1-336-573-1616

Local Government

Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office – 336-634-3066
Monroeton Volunteer Fire Department – 336-342-2945
Rockingham County Animal Control – 336-634-3300

Local School Information

High School:
Rockingham County High
180 High School Road
Wentworth, NC 27375
Middle School:
Rockingham County Middle
182 High School Road
Wentworth, NC 27375
Elementary School:
Monroeton Elementary
8081 US 158
Reidsville, NC 27320

Pet Policy

We are “Pet Friendly” at all our “Communities of Excellence”, but please abide by our community rules:

  1. All pets must be approved, by management, before being brought into any of our communities.
  2. No aggressive breed dogs are allowed in our communities. This includes Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweiler’s, German Shepherds, or any other breed that management deems to be an aggressive breed.
  3. Dogs must be small to medium size, not to exceed 40lbs. at full growth.
  4. No exotic animals are allowed. This includes snakes and reptiles.
  5. No farm animals are allowed.
  6. All pets must be indoor pets and must be walked on a leash if outside of the home. All pets must be always with pet owners.
  7. No dog houses, runs or kennels are allowed.
  8. Fencing of the yard is not permitted.
  9. All pet owners are required to sign a pet agreement.
  10. Management reserves the right to deny any pet.

Satellite Dish Addendum

  1. A Resident may install only one satellite dish or antenna at the Premises. A satellite dish may not exceed 39 inches in diameter. An antenna or dish may receive but not transmit signals.

  2. The Location of the satellite dish or antenna is limited to (1) inside the Premises, or (2) in an area outside the Premises such as a balcony, patio, yard, etc. which is part of the Premises. Installation is not permitted on any parking area, roof, exterior wall, window, windowsill, fence or common area, or in an area that other residents are allowed to use. A satellite dish or antenna may not protrude beyond the vertical and horizontal space of the Premises. Resident may not damage or alter the Premises and may not drill holes through outside walls, door jams, windowsills, etc. When the satellite dish or antenna is installed outside the living area (on a balcony, patio, or yard of which is part of the Premises), signals received by the satellite dish or antenna may be transmitted to the interior of the Premises only by: (1) running a “flat” cable under a door jam or window sill in a manner that does not physically alter the Premises and does not interfere with proper operation of the door or window; (2) running a traditional or flat cable through a pre-existing hole in the wall (that will not need to be enlarged to accommodate the cable (3)A wireless transmission of the signal to a device inside the Premises; or (4) any other method approved by Landlord in writing.

  3. Installation: (1) must comply with reasonable safety standards; (2) may not interfere with the community’s cable, telephone or electrical systems or those of neighboring properties; it must be safely secured by one of three methods: (1) securely attaching it to a metal pole; (2) clamping it to a balcony or patio railing; or (3) any other method approved by Landlord in writing. No other methods are allowed.
Resident will have the sole responsibility for maintaining the satellite dish or antenna and all related equipment. Landlord may temporarily remove the satellite dish or antenna if necessary to make repairs to the Premises.

Pools and Trampolines

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools, wading pools, kiddie pools, and hot tubs may be allowed with management approval, but must meet the following requirements:
  • Small kiddie pools or wading pools under 2’ deep are allowed as long as they are attended.
  • When not in use, they must be emptied and stored. Larger pools over 2’ deep, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, etc. must meet Local Safety Codes to include, but not limited to:

    • The pool, hot tub, Jacuzzi, must be surrounded by a non-scalable 6’ fence as set forth in local county ordinance. All access to the pool area must be controlled by self-closing gates and locked at all times. Hot tubs must be fully enclosed with a locking door or gate as the only access. Covers must be secure and locked when not in use. Pools must be a minimum of 15’ away from the home and tenant will provide landlord with proof of insurance. ABSOLUTELY NO POOLS OVER 2 FEET WILL BE FILLED FROM YOUR SPIGOT UNLESS YOU ARE ON A METERED SPIGOT OR RECEIVE YOUR WATER THROUGH A THIRD PARTY PROVIDER. YOU MUST PURCHASE YOUR WATER TO FILL YOUR POOL THROUGH A POTABLE WATER COMPANY. All pools must be properly stored out of sight if removed during winter months and when empty. Property must be restored to original condition after the pool is removed. If necessary, management will restore condition and invoice tenant for expense.


Due to insurance company requirements, it is now the policy of IPM to forbid the placement of any new trampolines at any IPM Community or property. Residents who already have trampolines may keep them as long as the trampoline stays in good working condition, subject to the following on-going conditions:
  1. You must provide us with proof of an insurance policy with liability limits of at least $300,000 naming our property/company as additional insured;
  2. You must sign a waiver which states that the trampoline owning tenant will hold us harmless in the event of an injury to a person using the trampoline (see attached waiver A);
  3. You must restrict use of the trampoline to family members and friends who have signed a waiver;
  4. You must supervise all children when using the trampolines;
  5. You must disable or turnover the trampoline when not in use; and
  6. You must regularly inspect the trampolines for damage and excessive wear and tear.

Businesses Around Us

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