Maintenance FAQ

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Preventing Water Pipes from Freezing

Frozen water lines are not only frustrating but can result in a great deal of damage to your home. When water freezes in the line it expands and breaks the plumbing. You will know the water has frozen in the line when you no longer have water coming out of your faucets. When these pipes defrost the water sprays out of the broken section causing damage to the home that can lead to expensive repairs of the floors and walls.

When water is not entering the home the water tank is also at risk. The water heater can slowly drain down to a point that at the heating element is no longer in water causing the element to burn out. This leaves you with no hot water and more expenses even after the plumbing has been repaired.

There are a few simple precautions you can take to protect your home. First make sure that the skirting is in good condition near the water line as it enters the home so as to reduce the chilling effect that wind can have upon the water in the pipe. Next make certain that the water line is insulated and /or has heat tape that is plugged in and is in good condition. Make sure that the heat tape is not wrapped over itself. It should be run along the pipe and not wound around it because the tape can melt itself if it overlaps. Heat tape is essentially insulated wires that are designed to heat the water pipe when temperatures are low enough to cause freezing.

The water lines are located in the underbelly of your home. This design allows for the water lines to receive some radiant heat as warm air blows from the furnace and through the duct work under the home. If you run space heaters inside the home and your furnace does not turn on then you are not providing heat to the water lines which can result in them freezing.

Frozen water lines can easily be prevented by taking these precautions and will not only save you the repair costs but also the inconvenience of not having water in your home.

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Changing Your Furnace Filter

Changing the filter in your furnace each month will help clean the air in your home, reduce your electric bills and extend the life of your furnace. The furnace if often referred to as the “lungs” of your home. If your filter is dirty, clogged or installed incorrectly you are forcing your furnace to work harder to “breath” which leads to higher electric bills and a shorter life expectancy for your furnace. If the filter has gotten dirty and clogged, the furnace can overheat and shut down. In the summer time a dirty or clogged filter can cause the central air conditioning unit to freeze up.

There are many different kinds of furnace filters that can be purchased. No matter what kind you buy you need to change them frequently. For people who suffer from air born allergies, a higher grade filter may be worth considering.

To change the furnace filter:

  1.  For most mobile homes you will have to take off the access door for the furnace to gain access to the filter. In other mobile homes the filter may be located in the grill that is on the wall, above or in front of the furnace. Take note on how the filter slides into the grooves inside the furnace so that you can install the new filter in the same location. In some cases your furnace may have 2 filters placed vertically on the “A” coil which is a metal frame, shaped like the letter “A” that is a component of your heat pump/central air conditioning unit.
  2. On the side of the filter there should be a listing of the size of the filter such as 16x20x1 or similar dimensions. Purchase new filters that are of the same dimensions at local hardware stores or grocery stores that may carry filters in the household section.
  3. On the side of the filter there should be an arrow that says “air flow” or similar such wording. This tells you which direction the filter needs to be placed in order for the air to flow correctly through the filter and to the furnace. Remember that the air passes through the grill on the wall, through the filter and into the furnace. The arrow should point towards the furnace.

Re-installing the furnace door can be tricky sometimes. The bottom tab of the door should be placed in the track first then the top can be pushed in and slid down to lock into place. If you have any problems or questions regarding the changing of your furnace filter please feel free to contact the office and we will be happy to have someone from the maintenance staff assist you.

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Ensure to always mow away from your home to avoid damaging your outside heat pump, siding, underpinning, doors, and windows. Also, avoid weed whacking around your underpinning and use spray instead to keep your underpinning safe.

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Home Inspections

Our office offers free maintenance inspections for our resident’s homes to better assist you and your asset. Just call the office, and we will schedule an appointment with you.

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Homeowner Improvement Program

The primary function of the “Homeowner Improvement Program” is to assist in the success of our residents who own their own home. Through the program we can ensure our homeowners are getting affordable quality maintenance on their homes and zero interest financing.

Resident Benefits:

  • Reputable contractors
  • Fraction of the cost
  • Financing available